Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Infights and Outcasts

My mate Andy Smart was reading one of them Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books the other day. Unputdownable Swedish crime thriller, he says. Maybe there's a section investigating the criminal line-up of forwards in Sven's squad for 2006, I jested. But his eyes were gone, his head back in his book.

Apparently the twists and turns are endless, but it can't be any more winding than the tales worming their way out of the England camp. First of all you had David James's post-match interview, which barely suppressed a right old strop.

James is renowned for straight-talking, although given that there was a little clip of him saying he'll be watching James Corden's World Cup every night on the self-same programme I doubt his word, now. I've watched it once. He really is the fat kid in the sweetshop at the mo. Lock him in, pull down the blinds and leave him to it, I reckon.

Call Crimestoppers now on....

The keeper retracted any implied criticism but it was enough for that acme of moral decency John Terry to enter the press conference fray. John, unaware that the only armband he was likely to be wearing this summer is inflatable, assertively stated that words would be spoken in a team meeting coming up. He praised Joe Cole and promised that if, a la Cantona at Crystal Palace a while back, the shit hit the fan, then so be it.

Cue Fabio, betraying no sign of tension, to announce that Terry had made a big mistake. Very big. Which made you wonder which one he was talking about: knobbing the mate's ex, the Stamford Bridge tours, the touting of his England skipper brand round all and sundry by his agents, the haircut, the star-jump handballs, etc., etc.

The meeting took place and as far as we can tell, not so much as a sparrow's chirrup in complaint came forth. Not even from JT.

Then JT rows back on yesterday's wind-up with a downright neutered statement, as if all that happened in the 'clear-the-air' talks was that Capello stuffed Terry's head into a welly-boot and held some pliers over his knackers.

Vice-captain Lamps has said that there's no mutiny on the cards, the actual skipper has become invertebrate during the past couple of days, everyone else has distanced themselves from King Chav, and nothing's changed.

It's not good, though, is it? There's a clip of England training on the Beeb website and it's about as jolly as an Eastenders Christmas special. The most worrying aspect of the camp at the mo is the patent lack of enjoyment. Even James Corden on a spit couldn't cheer them up right now.

If only we did things the French way, eh? Then we'd really know what was going on.
I have sympathy with the footballers to an extent. Dommenech is the least well-equipped manager at the tournament. Ever since he proposed to his missus in the aftermath of World Cup final defeat I've seen the imaginary tattoo 'TOOL' stamped a cross his forehead.

Oh, well, back to see shadow puppetry pour moi

Here's a bloke who fails to take Benzema and Nasri to the finals and then watched the FFF send his best surviving striker home. On the other hand, Anelka is as tedious a prima donna as football has ever seen. You can't look at the bloke without thinking how he's always tried to blame his crucial 2008 Champs League penalty miss on someone else.

Trouble is, while most players would delight in the absence of such an unlovable and unreliable team-mate, there's more than one rotten pomme in the French barrel. Gallas is rumoured to be stropping that Evra is skipper; Gourcuff is supposed to eat alone at dinner; and all of them seem to think they can just piss away the aspirations of their countrymen in a petty little infight.

Dommenech missed a chance to show some bottle and instead read out the statement from the players looking all too spookily like Neville Bloody Chamberlain.

The French government have already approved the building of 23 naughty steps in public places across the country. Not sure how they'll cope although Henry will probably handle it - after all that's how they got to the finals in the first place.

I trust the French will do the decent thing before they leave and get themselves a good thumping from the host nation. As yet we don't know which players will be available to play. If none of them turn up then at least they can say they finished the tournament with their best performance.

As for Terry, well despite everything England Expects each man to do his duty, with or without a smile on his face. Still it's all grist to the mill of that really blllody tedious post-WC ritual - the auto-bore-ography. Somehow, JT's is looking like the best read at the mo. Oh, hush my cynical mouth.


  1. First time I ever leave a comment, Robbo, but since it seems I might be first I thought I should leave a compliment and a word of encouragement.

    You have a way with words, and this coming from an Argentine.

    Cheer up son, you'll probably beat Slovenia in a couple of hours. Though I'm not sure you'll do so playing anything remotely resembling beautiful football.


  2. Who would have thunk it eh?

    No, not that JT would look like a complete twat and his big mouth would get him in strife. Everyone thunk that. Well except Chelsea fans. But they really did think it, they just won't admit it.

    The real karma-esque surprise is the French feeling guilty and deciding to do their best Ireland 2002 impression.

    Player has a go at useless manager. Player sent home. Government involved. Rows ensue.

    It's like deja-vu all over again.

  3. Fabio will change "some players" excluding Upson, so at least 2 new players. You know what. I bet he doesn't. He's stringing us along pretending, even to himself, that there's no problem. So its a mental "thing". Now there's another taboo. So don't expect anything different tomorrow, so when we don't win you won't be disappointed.

  4. THIRD!!!!
    So Joko, you imply Robbo is an Argentine? Then I'm North Koreans........ or is it Korean DPR

  5. Fair point. Terry is a chav.

    The unrest is boring, the football is boring, this whole England in the World Cup is boring. Never mind worrying about whether the atmosphere is relaxed enough, these fuckers should be doing what they're there to do... playing football to the best of their abilities.

  6. wooohoo 28th

    JT shouting mutiny from the rooftops "follow me boys....boys....where are you" (cue the tubleweed).
    I've always said that there should be an England play-off between prem and championship/1/2/3 players. The winners get to represent us at the major tournaments that year.
    Then we would see if talent can be undone by team work and spirit, because i bet those lower league boys would show what spirit and playing in an England shirt really means!

  7. all those ads with Rooney beating Federer at pingpong and Crouch eating crisps..... gah! horrible, totally horrible, and cruelly ironic.

    Don Fabio is not the prob, overpaid under-performers are the prob.
    we'll be out of the world cup on wed, hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

  8. i agree with everything everyone is saying, even the ones who are disagreeing

    gaz - deja vu all over again? didnt you just say that?

    what would i give to represent my country at the world cup? my left testicle. my right testicle. id even give my mutant middle testicle. but this bunch of spoilt bastard clowns are walking round with faces like slapped arses. clowns! with smacked arse faces! makes no sense

    the french siutation is more serious - the NF say they exemplify the failure of immigrant communities to integrate or show pride in their french nationality (not singing the anthem a la rooney etc) and are campaigning for 23 naughty steps back in their country of genetic origin

  9. pity John terry wasnt leading the Charge of the Ligth Brigade

    Capt Terry. The guns? Come on men, follow me, into the valley of death. Chhhhhaaaaaarrrge!

    Men : fuck off

  10. we'd be speaking turkish if he'd led the 300 spartans at thermopylae

    Terretes : Overwhelming odds, men. stand and fight!

    299 Spartans: (running) fuck oooooooff!

  11. waterloo

    Duke of terry. theyre absolute scum you know. i dont know what they do to the french but they scare the hell out of me. I've had their wives, you know. Here's Napoleon. form a square, men. men? oi!

  12. Nick
    I'm in agreement and if i were to pick a starting line up it'll look as this (Hard men who're not afraid to break somebody's neck if need be)

    Kieran Westwood
    Kyle Naughton, Stearman, Shawcross, Cashley
    Hunt, Peter Whittinham, Rory Delap
    Gerrard (Captain)
    Nicky Maynard, Rooney

    There's so many choices, really. And i bet these guys could kill for the shirt!!

    And talking of kill, those Nigerian and French fans wanting to bring a chicken into the stadium are they for real, What will they say if I bring 3 lions?

  13. capello must feel like an infant school teacher

  14. Blog, your mutant middle testicle owes me a fiver. If i dont get it soon, hes gonna get caaat (fake cockney gangster accent).

  15. ive already got a cat, scholesy

    you'll get your money, youll get your money (as terry collier would say)

  16. capello must feel like an infant school teacher


    my sons primary school played england in a warm up game before they went out to SA. It was a dull 0-0 draw. Heskey shot straight at the keeper in the last minute.

  17. Thank f**k for the French eh? *washes dirty taste out of mouth* They're kind of stealing England's thunder, otherwise we would be the biggest laughing stock of world football.

    Due to other results in the group, our seemingly uninterested but o so lucky "gladiators" *sniggers* have one more bite of the cherry, (No Cashley, I said cherry, not Cheryl) The only way to redeem themselves would be to go on a run and actually win the thing. *sniggers again*

    But I'm not looking for miracles, all I want to see is a team representing England play with a bit of pride and passion. Surely that's not too much to ask?

  18. cheers blog, i didnt wan to 'ave to send da boyz raaand agaaan (fake accent again)

  19. thats what ive been saying h, bloody french, always have to go one better. The team will probably burn our sheep and blockade the ports soon. Gotta hand it to them (no pun intended gaz), they make a mean onion soup. I had one once...no bleedin onion! (boom boom toosh)

  20. its ok friends WE'RE SAVED! WE'RE PLAYING IN RED!

    "England are undefeated in the four matches they have played in the all-red strip.

    They wore it twice in 1962, in a 4-0 friendly win over Peru and a goalless draw with Bulgaria during the 1962 World Cup finals in Chile.

    The Three Lions wore it again in 1963 for a 4-2 friendly win over Czechoslovakia.

    The most recent outing for it came in a 3-1 friendly win against Belgium in 1970."

    (THATS FROM THE INDEPENDANT spot the omission)

  21. Bloggy....i think we wore white shorts in that one.

    sorry for being picky.

  22. We have red shorts?

    In din't think Scholes was playing!?

  23. ha ha...they call him ginger balls...ginger balls (FOTC)

  24. nah i didnt mean that one cough i meant the one when the er england team er tried it out against iceland in a secret fixture cough

    look scholesy youve made me lose face and now you aint getting your money

  25. Fair play to Harriet Harman. Sticking it to them Tory scum bags.

  26. Robbo, think you could do with a bit of publicity mate. im sure you could get on cordens show, it seems they dont really plan their guests that much. You could probably get on the next one.

  27. ahhh feck...bloggy im sorry. im a pedantic kent at times.

  28. Has that twat Corden got his own show???

    Shit, those Mayans/Incas (whatever) were right, the world is comming to an end!

  29. nah its not that, scholsey. the budget has cost me a small fortune and i was already skint.

  30. H2H unfortunately he does. He had the exceptionally-bad-on-tv Moyles and Baby Spice on last night to make things even worse.

  31. mornin' Lads, great stuff Robbo, the chuckleworthy peak of bloggery. I laughed, I cried, I tutted, I looked at me watch, fuuuuuuuck..............

  32. hello trott. hows the oilslick looking from your balcony this morning?

  33. Corden has got his show the same way as all the rest of them have.

    Fuck knows why but it's true.

    I'm a fat fuck too so why don't I have my own show. Oh, that's right, I can actually be funny once in a while.

    Can't we all get tickets for Corden's show or something and boo like fuck at the end of it. If we manage to survive till the end. Might do a Milner. Or a Heskey. Or a King. Or a etc etc etc.

  34. Anyway I have guaranteed an England win tomorrow.

    I'm going to the pub to watch and laugh in the sunshine so there's no fucking chance of anything happening other than a glorious progression into the next round.

    Then there'll be 4 days of national pant moistening at the thought of how winning the cup is inevitable.

    Followed by 4 years of national backstabbing against the escaped goat until it happens all over again.

  35. blogdignag said...
    hello trott. hows the oilslick looking from your balcony this morning?


    heh heh heh.

  36. bloga, the oil slick has gone, it's a BP miracle, all sucked up and clean, the water is sparkling, fish are jumping, cormorants are chirping (or whatever they do), sea lions frolicking and petrol is 7cents a gallon, it's Paradise Lost no more... delight thee more to my wondrous song (or somat).


  37. GazUtd said...
    Followed by 4 years of national backstabbing against the escaped goat until it happens all over again


    shite...im fecked then. They are my sweep team.

  38. SGP sweeping is about all that some of them are good for.

    JT is especially good at sweeping.

    Stuff under the carpet.

  39. Gaz, why wait 'till after?

    Why not during. That guy's about as funny as Bob Saget, hang on, has Bob put on weight (ate the entire cast of Full House) and perfected the art of 'áving a jeckell n hyde, I'm 'ard coz I sopport West 'Am acent?

  40. Comedy is in the eye of the beholder I suppose.

    Or the belly, if you're Corden.

    Can't we just fast forward 20 years till the time where he's lying in the gutter with tourists being told that he was the unfunny cunt who got a TV show and threw it all away by doing a Ratner style interview where he said "All I do is peddle crap"

  41. That comedy relief sketch he did with the England team was probably the worst thing I ever saw in my life (and I was a regular at Highbury for the infamous boring, boring Arsenal of the early 80's)

  42. blogdignag said...
    nah its not that, scholsey. the budget has cost me a small fortune and i was already skint.


    feck...just seen it. im fecked as well. Bunch of kents.

  43. i blame Adam by the way......if he hadnt voted for them, the tories would never have got in.

  44. That commentary guy's funny Gaz, may need some subtitles though.

  45. They haven't got subtitles for Adebayor H2

    Or Shearer

    Subtitles for Shearer would be easy to do as well....

    "Boring rubbish, utter claptrap, same old cliche, STFU already"

  46. Found this in Tesco the other day...


    It's seriously good!!!!

  47. bloody hell gaz, whats this, product placement?

  48. leave mary poppins alone he's very quotable, frinstance when he was commenting on the england usa match he said :

    Mary Poppins: Our first game is called Well Begun is Half-Done.
    Lawro: I don't like the sound of that.
    Mary Poppins: Otherwise titled Let's Tidy up the Nursery.


  50. france have had to drop all their old/ good/ arsy players and put young unknowns in tee hee. Squillachi score or not?

    Go Bananas!

  51. Some things are just surprisingly good Bloggs.

    Others aren't.

    Like certain national teams.

  52. Thanks for letting me know you lot were here - I was still next door!!!! Lonely place that place! :)

  53. I'mj down in the Dungheap, watching Fra v S.A, I had a quick channel surf through NL, Belguim, German, Frenchtv & Italian tv channels, not one of them are broadcasting Ura v Mex, shame, I would of loved to see if either of the teams would actually make a game of it.

  54. Followingborohurts said...
    Thanks for letting me know you lot were here - I was still next door!!!! Lonely place that place! :)

    I saw that happened to Spit on the last blog too.

    Robbo mate, would you be kind enough to give us a heads up when there's a new edition?

    Most of us are not that smart and a simple "new blogs up, lads" should suffice. Cheers.

  55. H2 - they broadcast England's first two games and they didn't make a game of either!!!

  56. Robbo tweets that the new blog is up.

    Which is just disgusting.


    The S.Africans go wild.

    The french public go crazy.

  58. Gaz, I'm still waiting for England's campaign to start too. And who the f**k has time to follow Twatter?

    That guy who scored the S.A goal seemed to use the same part of his arm that got Harry Kewel sent off. (I may of seen it wrong.

  59. Red card - for what - I missed that - they think its all over - come on mex or Ur - scoreeeee!!!

  60. Red card for an elbow is what it looks like fbh.

  61. Ive read girl with Dragon - - was a good book - enjoyed it - but it wasnt unputdownable - Big Jugs monthly - now that is!!!

  62. Yep H - has he sent off the wrang bloke thou?

  63. No, was the right bloke.
    I'm afraid he can't send off Cisse just yet, now matter how silly he looks.

  64. Mexico are having a real go at Uruguay, I don't think they fancy meeting Argentina at all. Pinged one off the cross bar from 30 yards, SA deffo have a chance

  65. France c'est le shambles!!


  66. Good read as ever Robbo!!!

    Hey great news lads - that bastion of tastful and skillful football - those that choose to broadcast great games - the selctors of elite sport have decided to show - wait for it - here goes - Chesterfield v Boro on 10th Aug in Carl Cup!!!! Now thats a little treat for you prem big boys!!!

  67. I'd give my right foot to play footy for my Country!!!! Seems litle point tho

  68. I'm out for a bit lads, bunch of beer that needs to be drunk, c ya!

  69. Hey - Robbo has done a new podcast as well - that lad keeps himself busy

    Robbo - did you still manage sign on when you were galavanting about in Dubai and Italia?

  70. hello All.

    leaving aside for the mo, the topic John Terry and his ego,big mouth and general demena as an utter piece of shit .

    i am minded to mention matters concerning the now shambolic reffereing decisions that have all of a sudden been thrust into the tournament.

    At 1st, all broadcasters, pundits and surporters of all countries were praising the standards on display for the officials. it is interesting to note, this standard has NOT Lasted! with several players from the top performing sides to recieve thier marching orders for no apparent reason? It has now turned into a farce, with germany and brazil in particular being deprived of one of thier top performers.

    and now we see another example involving the French, no matter how you cut it, no way was that challenge a RED! however i can see the reasons behind it.

    Corruption! no to ways about it. can we have the hosts failing at the 1st hurdle? No we cant! so it stands to reason that every bit of help should be given to them to help them progress to the next stages, afterall what a waste of time and money should they be dumped out. As we speak yet another helping hand is delt by Uraguay scoring! ive switched off, mainly coz of them fucking vazuelas! but also because I have now all but lost any faith that Football is being played upon level playing fields and that the Officials just like Politicians are Corrupt! , not all of course but there are a few kicking about at this world cup thats for sure. Portugal 7??????? goals? convenient! yes to improve thier goal difference over Brazil? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Tommorow hopefully we will see Englands final performance on this tainted stage! however I have a feeling many of you hopeing the opposite will get your wish, stand by for a shocking refferee to get England through! perhaps on this occasion it wont be a slovenian forward/striker but an influential midfielder! the good start by the refs has now been overtaken by some muppets influencing who gets through and who dosent. its a bloody Disgrace and in my view some of these teams should call for an enquiry into some of the decisions made now its got to the crucial stages.

    I make no secret I despise this tournament for many reasons, not least of which ar them bloody Horns, some of the commentry and now shit referees! these people are killing this game and its about time they held to account for thier obvious blunders! and yes that goes for our own inept and incompetent officials in the PL.

    I doubt very much I will watch much more of this farce its a bloody disgrace and i hope its many years from now that SA ever get to hold such a tournament again.


  71. Corden and Terry, what a double act. Pride and passion are the least anyone could expect tomorrow, how about the basic ability to control or pass a football? (Preferably pass to a member of your own team.) "Don Fabio" should drop Terry, he does fuck all anyway, and England can spare their blushes.

  72. and what of this crap cappello being " his own man " what a crock of shite, he's turned out just like the rest of the managers of England and the quicker he fcks of back to italy the better. as for Terry and quite of few of the others my view is that should be forcably retired from International football and concentrate instead on earning thier megabucks in the PL as it seems thats all many of these are interested in.

    I will give some credit to Rooney in respect of his previous exploits without which England would still be doing a root and branch review into the failure of this national side, no matter what manager is in charge. Come to think of it the odds must be very good for Cappello to walk in a weeks time to be replaced by? the sad fact is many in this current squad are a total waste of space and should be put out to grass and Terry's name should be right at the top of the list followed by Gerrard.

  73. Don't really see how Portugal scored 7 goals due to refereeing decisions? And can't believe NK would play below their best considering their background. I do believe in Hangar 18 though and the ruling classes are giant lizards and that tho.....
    Im not completely taking the p*ss tho DGT3, I just think theres been some bad decisions made by refs but surely these would normally go against the little teams if it was corruption/cash etc?

  74. Hahaha, good blog Robbo!

    I think JT said to the team while announcing the mutiny - "Half of you go to my right side and other half of you stand to my left side . And the rest follow me, I will lead your mutiny"

    Only later to realize he was alone!!!

  75. ...and for his comedic encore, Domenech refuses to shake hands with his SA counterpart, nearly inciting a brawl on the sidelines!

    surely this is all part of some, how you say, charrrrrrade?

  76. Hope y'all had a great day!!!

    Ofcourse we all had, the cheating, fcuking egomaniacal French bowed out of the world cup.

  77. I hope the guillotines haven't gathered any rust.

    Fuck it. even if there is some rust, it will only spice it up a bit.

    Le Grande Nation.
    Le Grande Embarrassment.

  78. Robbo has hots for Roque Santa Cruz.

    He is switching sides our Robbo.

  79. Robbo,

    here's the French Sports Minister for you.


  80. Am I on the wrong blog again?


  81. Yo Spit. Wassup?

    Robbo, are you growing a Rocque teaser or a lady teaser? Just don't get a handful of those nuts trapped in it!

  82. Evening Trott.

    Thought you were coming back over the pond?

    Them lady pleasers, critical to keep'em clean.
    Unless you like to waft on the smell.....

  83. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeRy3E_k8dA

  84. Nice one spit - well Im watching Nigeria v South Korea - I would prefer to seeKorea through meself

  85. I posted this on the other side this morning
    I have in the past few weeks restrained from posting on here since the Beeb decided to get rid of the best 2 football bloggers.
    One reason has been the absolute poor quality of the blogs from both yourself and Bond. Have you ever decided to talk to real supporters?
    The responses to yuor blogs always seem to be between 75% and 95% critical of your comments.

    And now, as in the previous blog, as chief rat of the dire gutter press and media, you tried to present a non story to create what you thought a mutiny(not quite on the French scale), only to have JT say sorry.

    It was very noticeable in your previous blog that you did not post one reponse in 763 comments

    Terry has apparentls said sorry. Any chance you could? Doubt it

    Funny tho, it got modded

  86. The Greek Shan't come forth.

    They are boring me socks off.

  87. Tone,

    no body is listening over at the Beeb side.

    Shame really, being the National Broadcaster an all . . .

  88. I expect that England will qualify. But the thing with is we have

    1: the FA, who couldnt organise a fuckfest in a brothel

    2: A manager who has been successful at topclubs

    3: A squad who think they are world class but are actually mediocre

    Guess which one the media try vilify the most?

    Overpampered stars, who are bored, cant they organise something for themselves to do, FFS read War and Peace, or in Rooneys case The Beano

  89. Beeb should hang head in shame

    Hey the N v SK game is quite good!!!

  90. Spit
    I'm not so sure about that, Bond got absolutely smashed to pulp with his latest offering

  91. I am watching on German telly, they automatically switch over to the other game whenever something of note happens.

    Quite handy.

  92. tone,

    thats what I am saying.

    Dont think anyone in power to decide summat, reads the comments or feedback at all.

    I am not sure David Bond has ever stood in line to take a piss during a half time break.

    What does he know about pressure in football?

  93. Nice post TOne - I should be getting a respinse to my FOI request soon.

    Equaliser for S Kor!!!

  94. Greece Football showing everyone why their civilization was abandoned and consigned to history.

    Utter Bores.

  95. spit we invented football but lets not forget that the greeks invented inflated spheres, rectangles, penalty spots, nets, numbers, footwear and feet

  96. haha man u cant afford joe coles wage demands (guardian)

  97. Chinese couple in bed. Husband says "I want sixty-nine".
    His wife says, "You want beef and broccoli now?"

  98. The Greek are going home, as it stands.

    They need goals.

    should become interesting.

  99. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isHZcy0RKEE

    sorry not footy related, but is SA related. This makes me chuckle.

  100. that SK goal surely has to bring out the greeks now.

  101. lets keep these thigns in perspective. it is not the most improtant thing in the world.

    would i trade a result vs slovenia for a night with Alessandra Ambrosio?

    fuck off would i.

    result vs slovenia for a years supply of beer?
    getting closer.

  102. Blog she be fit - never heard of her - thanks for the introduction :)

  103. I've heard of matter and anti-matter but didn't realise there was a footballing equivalent. Greece are playing anti-football. This crap makes the England v Algeria game look entertaining.
    And as i type the Argies have scored. Thank fuck for that.

  104. Ambrosio - Devon knows how she makes me so .....

    nope im going to stop right there...

  105. Scholesy - I know where ya wer going with that - yukl mate :)

  106. Nigeria suffer from Yak Attack
    And S Korea are a bit of a one man team - sadly it Jung Si Park

  107. Why is Otto Rehagel the greek coach smiling. His team have just crashed out of the world cup and put in a shocking performance.

  108. Sorry FBH...i almost let myself down, my family down, my priest down....etc

  109. is maradona shrinking?.....i swear even messi looks down on him.

  110. Many people look down upon Maradona.

    He's a low life.

  111. Garth Crooks - arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!

  112. Also, whatever Otto Rehagal may do, cant match the cunt Dommenech proposing to his girl friend, right after his team lost a World Cup final on penalties and one of the greatest footballers to ever grace a football pitch was sent off.

    The french, they eat funny stuff, do funny things.

    When I say funny, I mean disgusting.

  113. just seen the yak miss.......ha ha ha...i see what you mean FBH

  114. German commentator on Yak's miss,

    it was of course incredibly difficult for the ball to miss the goal but some footballers achieve incredible feats

  115. RTE have Ossie Ardiles on

    They asked him was he worried about Argentina's defence.

    I have no idea what he said

  116. Spit, sorry about the delay, yes, flying next Tuesday, be back for all England's big games, right through to the open top bus parade!

  117. England can not finish second - they can only finish 1st or out. We will then play Ghana or GERMANY (or serbia) in next round - then play winner of Uruguar v South Korea in quarters and Holland in semis ....

  118. but surely they could finish second on goal difference to the Yanks if the Yanks win big over Algeria and we win small?

  119. Trott you may have just tripped me up on the details there - lets just go for an England win eh :) simpler that way

  120. agreed, who gives a flyin fook about the details

  121. Hang on Trott - in your scenario we wud be 3rd and out - thats why I dont think we can finish 2nd - coz US or ALg must pic up a point a peoce or one of them gets three - even if its a draw ............. sorry lads ive just bored meself to sleep :)

  122. dont worry fbh,

    anyone who is still here must have survived the Greek's attempt at qualifying to the next round.

    You are not THAT boring.


  123. I tweeted in reply to Neil Lennon earlier - and he replied - he even knew the name of a pub and road it is on - in Middlesbrough - a nice touch I thought - Spit - follow him - he does make some funny statements

  124. Who the fuck is Neil Lennon?

    Oh , that bloke from Armagh?

  125. FBH, back to bloody details eh? If we and USA win we pass Slovenia who currently have 4 points. We and USA would have 5 points each if we both win.

    Group C W D L GD PTS
    Slovenia 1 1 0 1 4
    USA 0 2 0 0 2
    England 0 2 0 0 2
    Algeria 0 1 1 -1 1

  126. Neil Lennon! Cool innit that he's also following Robbo.

    Have to say, Robbo is mostly pants on Twitter and how to use it.

    He could sell a lot of stuff to be honest.

  127. Trott,

    Neil is a ginger. If Aaron is his son, then he probably isn't.

  128. woohoooo I am so very pleased to announce that Bolton have signed City's Martin Petrov. The 74 year old midfielder will join on a free!

    Perfect fit for us.

  129. Neil Lennon was my auntie's next door neighbour

  130. He might be related to Gordon Strachan???

    Trott my confidence in my predictions is now in tatters. I hadnt even thought about the scenario relating to the yanks getting 3 points and a bagful of goals. I am now feeling much more anxious than 5 mins ago - but I dont blame you mate - you have more to worry about wth your free signings!!! :)

  131. BP say "they cant be rushed" in the gulf - well that explains a lot

  132. Gaz - tell him FBH said he is a good lad - but then I remembered he played in the leicester sides that beat boro in League Cup final in 1997 - that was when we went to 3 wemblet finaks in 12 months and also got 3 points deducted and got relegated from the prem coz of it - oh and we lost all 3 finals - hence the "hurts" in FBH

  133. Slovenia
    a population of only two million and a mere 30,000 registered footballers
    FFS - they get more at the Riverside (sometimes)

  134. Followingborohurts said...
    BP say "they cant be rushed" in the gulf - well that explains a lot

    Anyone else noticed that the Yanks have spent millions of dollars on a war in Iraq to get their hands on the oil and yet when BP dump thousands of barrels of oil on their coast all they can do is moan about it.

  135. hahaha, a couple more freebies and a loan move here and there and we'll have a lock on a top 7 spot.

    The USA v Algeria game might be a Jehad with a bunch of reds for the greens! I'm taking the day off. Matches in the morning, basking in glory and sunshine all afternoon.

  136. Bloody hell Trott - I hadnt thought of the political dimensions to the US v Alg game - I think I might watch that instaed of England!!

  137. I am taking Mrs. (my own) to prag for the weekend.

    will finalise it tomorrow evening.

  138. England on TV and USA on the computer

  139. England on the plane and USA on the march

  140. Hey, anybody heard from RBA in the last week?

  141. Think little RBA may just have been avoiding the dour first round of WC and popped out as soon as the first shock i.e. Spain getting beat.

  142. well, little un will have his face painted with a St. George's cross tomorrow.

  143. ALAN Hansen: dour deep lying tactical guru and small screen frozen foods frontman... and now hard-hitting social commentater with a withering line in political critique.

    Hansen, best known for his sarcastic sneering at schoolboy defending and suspicion of creative flair, stunned his studio sofa squadmates as he did the pundits equivilent of a Cruyff turn and suddenly threw in a controversial opinion on a non-football topic.

    "Apartheid.... " he dangled the word solemnly in front of expectant teak tanned team-leader Gary Lineker. "That system was obviously fundamentally flawed."


    Robbo - hope you dont mind me giving AV a bit of promo?

  144. So England to lose and John Terry to storm off at half time?? Wonder what the odds are.

  145. Rod, that's 2 bets, the first part is 8-1. For Terry storming off at half time you'll need to have a chat with your friendly local turf accountant and ask him to open a book on that possibility. You should get 500-1 for a creative, previously unheard of bet. So a quid double will pay you 4,509 return. Good luck.

  146. I'd give my right foot to play footy for my Country!!!! Seems litle point tho

    ... and still play better than half the english team.

    England can not finish second - they can only finish 1st or out. We will then play Ghana or GERMANY (or serbia) in next round

    Forgetting a little country stuck down here between the pacific and indian methinks mate... as most people do... just watch mate... germany will get beat and Oz will beat the serbs and go into the next round in second spot.

  147. Henry V

    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile
    This day shall gentle his condition
    And gentlemen in England, now a-bed
    Shall think themselves accursed they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speak
    That fought with us upon Saint Fabio's day.

    Chorus And fuck off Terry

  148. day of destiny. theyll be waking up in SA scared.

    we can do it

    Go England!

  149. Still suffering from WC 'jetlag' and have a sleepless night ahead. Engerland at midnight and the sheilaroos at 4.30am. Bring it on.

  150. interesting contrast between capello's frosty and austere attitude to his players and maradonnas latin approach.

    i thought he was going to shag them when they came off the pitch

  151. Shall I call in sick?

    I am not sick at the moment, but I am afraid I will be later on.

  152. I'll be with ya all the way Zeb.

    I don't give a shit if we win, draw or lose as long as they all put in 110 percent... I'm just fed up watching them treat the game as though they have a divine right to be there.

    I really do want them to WIN though.

  153. Morning(or is it evening Bo).

    But anyways, I'll be rooting for Ghana and OZ wins! Germany home. As for England, my hopes disappeared with the Algeria draw. So it's either 1st, or last. Simple.

  154. Funny thing,

    at work, on my right sits a colleague whose parents came to Germany 25 years ago from Slovenia.

    Another team member, sitting across from him, who was born in Siberia is more pissed on them (for kicking out Russia out of the WC) that I will ever be if they kick England out today.

    I may have zero expectations. Not easy to disappoint.

  155. blog... if England had won all there games I am sure Capello may have allowed himself to show a little emotion... nothing to to get latin about with england's performances.

  156. I'll ask the same question I asked the other day... Anybody know of a good TV tuner card for the PC?

  157. Mornin' all.

    So France are out of the cup ... couldn't have happened to a nicer lot.

    That'll teach those cheating thieving forking weasels for cheating Ireland out of the competition.

    How goes the WC FFL? I'm rather at a loss to explain why I've spent most of it propping up the table but hey ... I suppose that makes me the Robbo equivalent of the Wally with the Brolly given I can manage well at a club FFL level ...

    Ho hum ...

  158. good point bo

    come on spit, we can do it, bulldog spirit backs to the wall, dunkirk and all that (ok dunkirk was a defeat but it didnt feel like a defeat)

  159. looks like lennons lost his place. too right he's been crap

  160. king ; "i can play in every game" grrr bloody liar

  161. bbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Dunkirk,

    when victory was defined as 'getting back the English and French men out of the competition'

    Tell you what, these pluckers will win/lose/draw, I need to earn my tosh.

    oging to work, al beit an hour late.


  163. Who has Lennon been replaced by?... Lennon 2?

  164. Well today is a very big day - even if we win the England thingy has become a bit of a shambles - there seemed to be a general feeling that we had a decent side - maybe not WC winners but a team that would make us proud and give it a good go - prob semis -

    My feeling now is that, as Hanson said about apartheid, the game in England is "fundamentally flawed"

  165. Bo
    Check this link, I have used this site before. This link is to a forum where they have reviews from actual user/buyers on PC tv tuners. It depends on what your set up is really


  166. FBH, irregardless of what happens in the cup from this point onwards... after the cup, england have to begin rebuilding... or should I say begin building... this lot have done nothing to warrant their place in a future England... a couple nop doubt will remain... Rooney (no matter what he does, people are so enamoured by him, it is impossible to drop him) and cashley cole and maybe over time Lennon... the rest should be dumped.

  167. Adam PSB are playing Glatonbury this weekend - (sat) so dont expect to hear from ya much - connection aint good from the Torre

  168. Bo - I am now pleased adam johnson didnt go - media would have loved to make him a scapegoat me thinks

  169. Yes FBH, I think anyone that didn't make this squad are lucky... a few may make the squad for the european championships.

  170. "England boosted by Carrick return"

    How is that a boost?

  171. Zeb - I will raise your 15 and see ya

  172. This is a comment on Bonds Blog

    'As long as Capello is there I dont think we will win. It will be too late after we have lost sack him NOW
    He plays all the players out of their natural position.
    Sack Capello, install Beckham as interim manager. He will let the players play in their natural position. This must be good.'

    To Quote Alan Partridge 'I think it's the best idea since sliced bread.'

  173. They meant that they now have 15 fit players to choose from Zeb

  174. Put Beckham in charge mr?... I suppose we'll look good on the pitch if nothing else.

    It's not Capello's fault England are in the position they are in... the blame lies fairly and squarely with the players... but Capello is the one that will be sacked and the players will go on playing shite for another poor sod who get's the manager's job.