Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Seeing off the Cynics

There was, apparently, some item on the Today programme at the beginning of this week asking how long it would be before Britain returned to its old cynicism. (That'll be the cynicism that greeted the winning of the Olympic Games in the first place... and the waste of money... the fact that Lord Snooty was in charge, etc.)

As an Australian might say (as he grimly totted up his nation's swimming medals) 'Ah, look...' as long as there are Camerons and Borises giving all us regular chaps a hearty pat on the back for our good works then cynicism won't be far behind. I find the neglect of Ken Livingstone in all this a little baffling. Think of his speech after 7/7 and you won't find a more statesmanlike response to serious adversity.

Boris's popularity is enough to bring out the cynic in anyone. He's like the bastard child of a golden labrador and Hugh Grant, with a Latin reader tucked under his collar.

But no matter how hard they try they cannot rob us of the one thing I'd forgotten I had: national pride. Just when you thought that the bullet-headed secretly-swastikaed fuckwits had taken permanent possession of our national flags, along come a swathe of dedicated and talented and Gawd help us multi-ethnic individuals to sweep it back into general ownership.

Seldom has a summer of sport so elevated and transformed a people. There are those who reckon this is just another example of bread and circuses, but this was no ordinary circus. The Paralympics seemed almost to surpass the Olympics in terms of its drama and capacity to move. From David Weir - arms like Popeye, voice like Becks - through to Ellie Simmonds who is possibly the most astonishing athlete I've ever watched (yes it is probably because she's tiny but goes like a fecking jet-ski) every day of competition held something to admire.

The Paralympics is wonderful precisely because it is a celebration of ability. It's all very well to have soggy well-meaning folk telling you how every person is important and capable. It's another thing entirely to have it demonstrated: to watch folk regardless of any apparent impairment do things way better than you could ever manage.

It is also - and this applies to sport at its best - a celebration of honesty. The reason I like running and jumping so much is that gamesmanship is very hard to impose. All right, a sprint final might begin with a pantomime of posturing that wouldn't look out of place in Lion King the Musical, but ultimately it's eight blokes in eight straight lines and the fastest one wins.

In a longer race there may be jockeying for position, some team tactics, the odd spike in the calf, but in the end it's whether Mo Farah can lengthen those threadlike limbs despite being hunted down by the ravening pack behind him.

Andy Murray's Grand Slam win has come at a time in the game when bellowing at umpires and trashing equipment is a thing of the past - if you think a decision's wrong, call up Hawkeye and it'll give us a peachy little thrill to boot. I could do without the oceans of time that seem to pass between Djokovic's serves, and I once managed to read an entire Indian takeaway menu between a first and second serve from Rafael Na.... bounce, bounce, bounce, tug at bum crack, bounce, bounce, mop brow, tug, tug, bounce... dal.

Some of the usual sporting blights have been kept to a minimum. There doesn't seem to have been too many failed drugs tests, although if there were ever an event for weightlifting cyclists we could solve any employment problem for health professionals overnight.

But now, Ryder Cup apart, it's over. No more blind footballers (although seasoned Shaun Wright-Phillips watchers might disagree); no more wheelchair rugger buggers; no more cerebral palsy sprinters...

And so it's back to...

Last night England drew 1-1 with Ukraine and I thought they did okay. One way to avoid scepticism with the national team might be to acknowledge that we're not very good. Hodgson gave a few new boys their head last night. Given Messi is a Tidy footballer, maybe Woy should pick Tom Stupidly in the number 10 shirt next time.

I don't much mind that the lad had a mare, really. I'd rather we had 11 Oxo-Chambermaids gifting possession and trying fancy flicks than an overhyped bunch of slackers just trying to ease through 90 minutes and wait til Saturday comes.

1-1 was okay. And okay is the team we've got.

If you need a reason to get down and dismal then look no further, boys n girls, to the Premier League. Here's a place where money speaks louder than words, words mean nothing very much, much is made from very little and little is given back to those that create the atmosphere that makes football the game it is. (You might even call the fans the Gamesmakers.)

Yes sir, every shirt tugged, every linesman shoved, every nightclub brawl, every highboard fall, every bollocked ref, every coach gone deaf, every single time it crosses the line and no one checks on the telly, every utterance that falls, mind-numbing and obvious, from the plonkers panel on the pundits couch, we're going to be thinking longingly of a Hannah or a Jess or an Ellie or a Johnny and wondering whatever happened to the dignity and integrity of sporting endeavour.

And yet, and yet... we still might end up with some barrel-chested millionaire Argentine nicking the title with the last flail of his right boot and you know what? All the money in the world can't rob that of its jaw-dropping wonder.

[Can you hear that? That's the sound of the mighty cynic within my soul thumping on the door and demanding to be let out.]


  1. Nothing on the big fixture of the weekend?

    Tractor Boys away at the Smoggies.

  2. Thank you Robbo,you are the 1st writer not to over criticise the performance last night,but from this summers highs you know there has to be lows,
    The barrel chested Argentinian nicking the title with the last kick of the season would be my lowest point once more.

  3. Great stuff Robbo. Not sure why (and suggestions aren't necessary) but you had me hummin' the 'Every Sperm is Sacred' tune for a minute there.

    Bring on the Ryder Cup and win it for Seve lads.

  4. Good stuff Robbo - and, as if timed to deflate our new found sense of wellbeing is the release right now of the Hillsborough Report, which surprise surpise, says, as we all knew, that the fans were right, the police covered it all up. Leaves a thoroughly nasty taste in the mounth.
    What chances a) the S Yorks senior police officers will now be had up for perverting the course of justice, and b) The Scum says sorry for it's appallling finger-pointing at the time?
    Speaking as an Everton fan who turned down a ticket to the other semi on the day at Villa Park, there but for the luck of the draw go us Blues fans.
    Justice for the 96.

  5. Top stuff as normal, Robbo. Rolling over a crap side like Moldova is one thing; playing Ukraine another.

    I agree with Roger T about charging senior S Yorks Bill (although the chances of it happening are zero), and charging Kelvin MacKenzie (with anything you want: I'd go for a bayonet). To round things off, how about an apology from Liverpool FC for Heysel? Those 39 didn't deserve to die, any more than the 96 at Hillsborough did (*puts up shit umbrella*).

    Maybe it's cynicism creeping back, but Shiny Dave and Jackass Boris have managed to push the people who actually won the games for London (other than Coe, who is a political appointee) completely into the background. That's Ken, and Barbara Cassani (the professional organiser who was pushed aside for Coe). At least they and their minions got roundly booed whenever they were seen in the Prawn Butty Boxes.

    At least England's cricketers and footballers have done noble service in preventing us from getting too carried away!


    1. and enter Jos Butler to give the cricket fans some hope!
      At least the footballers are still shite!

  6. Great stuff Robbo. For another read on Murray, have a butchers here -

  7. One of your best, Robbo

    must admit, Lord Snooty did well, dont particularly like him, and unlike Jess, also from the field on the Sheaf, he supports Cheslski(memories of Millers v Blues 10-1 aggregate went down well tho)

    Think they should cancel or replace SPOTY, impossible to choose, you could even add Sophie Christesen's name to all the regular names mentionned

  8. Very philosophical, Robbo ... sport as a form of truth...the Greeks knew this and we've forgotten to remember it .... although everything beautiful inevitably turns into a wizzened pile of steaming crap, it doesn't mean things can't be born again into adversity fresh and alive ....(10-1 you say, tone? That's a bit like 6-2)...I think that's what the Olympics helped restore ...hope for the future. Don't worry though it won't last

    the other thing it did for me when bankers, politicians,celebs, premiership footballer & co were starting to look like the norm is to restore a bit of faith (not much) in my fellow man .... David weir would be my SPOTY, I was deeply impressed by his humility in interviews, his sadness which I guess he's used to drive himself on to become a human piston engine

    to say, as the cynics did (the real ones) that nothing is more real than nothing and all human endeavour is futile doesn't mean everythings a crock of shit or that theres no glory in being the worlds fastest dwa rf or an astonishingly skilful blind blind Brazilian = 3.5 Jordan Hendersons

  9. I'm South African and extremely happy that Andy Murray finally won one of the coveted 4 titles! Didn't much like the lad until I saw him break down at Wimbledon earlier in the year.

    FUCK liverpool!

    Chelsea to win the lot!


    1. I'm English, and I'm pleased Murray has finally won a grand slam title, if only so people will stop going on about it.

      Still only 76 years since an Englishman won a grand slam title, though.


  10. Fine piece of work Robbo. I think that this year has certainly brought to the limelight how spoilt and cuntish footballers have become. How long those feelings last remains to be seen I guess, but long may it continue.

    Jacks, you off to watch the Tour of Britain today, seeing as it's in your neck of the woods?

  11. 13 comments and none for over a day. Is my tinternet b'berry bust !!!!

  12. nah, somebody farted.

    Anyway AH, word is that NESV are close to selling the Red Sox for $1,300,000,000. That'll buy a new stadium for Liverpool and a couple of Andys with enough left over for seven Jordans.

    1. Sounds wonderful, now they'll have the cash to get shaun wright phillips, gareth barry, henri lansbury & fuckit, emile heskey! Should win the lot with this team. Suarez feeding off heskey or suarez setting up heskey!

      Barry wins the tackle passes it to wright phillips charging down the right, cuts inside exchanges passes with gerrard, clever through ball to suarez, dribbles past 2 defenders, left footed lob on to heskeys chest, lets it drop on the follow, keeper stands no chance!!!! GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Liverpool win the league!!!!!! OMW!!!! OMW!!!! OMW!!!!!!

    2. drop on the volley! spoilt that one! cunt!

    3. Sorry about the smell there Trotts, had a brussel sprout vindaloo the other day ..

  13. I see they've discovered a new species of monkey in the Congo.

  14. Even better than usual, Robbo. Don't think the Olympics really unite Americans even when we host. We're too big, too divided, and, what's that? You say the little Chinese girl swims fast? Must be drugs. No one is better than an American. No one. (After all, you can't spell "Usain" without "USA"!)

    If the English don't have cynicism, what do they have? Same as if we Americans didn't have pride in willful ignorance, self-inflated overblown egos, fervent misguided patriotism, and a general mistrust of anyone smarter than Wayne Rooney (but don't mention that he plays soccer!), we'd all be... well... Democrats. And we'd get even less done.

    Sorry, what was I ranting about? Got distracted by the chance to shed my morals for a few hours watching West Ham v. Wigan or whatever match ESPN held onto this weekend. No matter how bad it gets nor how good the alternative, I don't think I could bring myself to stop watching.

  15. You think PL management is tough, try getting fired for taking 10 points from 4 matches on the back of three straight wins...

  16. Turns out its not a new monkey species, just Robbie Savage on holiday with his family.

    Google Lesula monkey if you dont believe me.

  17. As Morpheus says..the Olympics is over welcome to the desert of the real

  18. What's the fuss over kates tits? Were we not supposed to know they only rate 4/10? Or on the heels of harrys nudity is the great establishment fear now that King Williams first Xmas broadcast will be to flash his cock and moon the nation?

    Or in other words really who gives a toss?

  19. Terrible injustice to Liverpool fans and great sympathy to the family and friends of the 96 who should never who died at a fuckin football match

    The reason though that the police were able to credibly blame the fans was Heysel. Liverpool were still banned because of it in 1989. That doesn't exculpate the police govt thatcher press etc but we should never forget that English fans not just Liverpool fans used to behave like animals.

    I remember running for my life a couple of times and hid behind some bins one year vale played tranmere.

    If they caught me I would have kicked their heads in. Cough cough

  20. I think people tend to forget that the fans that died that day were not the fans that were blamed. Separating the two had become increasingly difficult as the years have passed to a point where they blur together and the complete innocents in this, the 96 that died, were being blamed for their own deaths. The very fact that the Police lied to cover this up should lead to a separate inquest and trials for all involved. If I faked a robbery at my house to gain attention or financial gain we all know where I would end up, don't we. As blog says, Liverpool fans were obviously remembered for Heysel only 4 years earlier where they were largely responsible for the deaths of 39 Juventus fans but for the Police to then use that reputation against them to hide their own culpability is abhorrent. A part of me wants these Policemen and women to be held accountable, another part of me wants it to be just allowed to lie where it is. Justice for the 96.
    Manchester United Football Club supporter.

  21. Somehow when a tragedy strikes people I know/knew, even if I didn't really know them too well, really can't bring myself to comment on it in any which way. I will say that like Anon Man U supporter, I am unable to decide whether to draw a line here now that the truth is known and let the dead past bury its dead, or continue on the path to punish the guilty.

  22. the loved ones often want to move on before society does. There's a need for justice because only justice can uphold society. It's absence is one of the reasons that society is going deeper into the crapper

    Bells, I was always taught that girls don't fart. That's another illusion you've shattered.

    1. Bells, I was always taught that girls don't know anything about football/soccer.* That's another illusion you've shattered.

      (*Except the girls who routinely trounced me back when I played, which would be nearly of them. If only I could find a few nowadays...very hard to find anyone who likes the game around here, never mind of the "was that brussel sprout vindaloo" variety. Things are so bad here I'd settle for a Man U fan.)

  23. There's a large Muslim population in Stoke but how such an obviously easily offended religion could ever take root in a city where everyone takes the piss about everything all the time is a moot point

    1. Maybe that's the Muslim's way of taking the piss out of whole of Stoke?

  24. Howdy Blogbuds, I'm back from the international exhile of hot African lands with shit internet access. A couple of weeks with no footy, no web, no tv, no newspapers and a distinct lack of carrier pidgoens on duty is not actually as bad as it sounds. On the contrary it was quite refreshing to be out of the loop. On returning I waded through a sea of bullshit posing as transfer news, honestly I wish I hadn't bothered.

    After catching up on the missed posts I'd first like to thank Robbo for his Arsenal will finish 5th prediction (again) almost insuring us of CL football again next term. I can't see Newcastle in 4th now that they have the distraction of Europe to deal with, Spurs fucked up again by not bringing in a striker (again) and Liverpool made a real pigs ear of their summer business, not only not bringing in a striker, but loaning out to a direct rival one they had brought in for 35mill less then a year before. It looks to me like Brendan's rogered himself before he's had time to really begin. From what I've seen of his former charges, they're getting along without fine, the great Dane's got 'em ticking already.

    As for the title, I think it'll be between the blue side of Manchester and the Chavs, I'm not that impressed with IOU yet but I'm not daft enough to write off the Ol'Beetroot neither, with him in charge they can do anything, with a different manager I wouldn't give them a snowballs chance in hell.

    My favourite post was blogidys explanition of how failing economies was in direct relation to lack of facial hair, a fine hypothesis. I too have done a little research, well, took a wild stab in the dark and have found futher evidence to back up this theoey, I call it the Gillette Factor;

    A number of years ago, three sportsman, on top of their chosen professions did a comercial for said brand, in the best a man can get series. A good few shaves later, the first sportsman found his personal life splashed across the tabloids. A little time later the second was the at the centre of a cheating scandal, the third has now been beaten in two major championship, by a Scot no less, the ultimate fall from grace. Shaving ultimetly ruined their careeers, you have been warned!!
    Most shocking news; Trotter has a secret crush on Wet Spam. Now I can understand that if the walrus is manager of your team then you have to tolerate him (well I don't really understand, but I'm trying, somewhat) but to support him when he's somewhere else and working for those nasty Mockney porn peddlers is beyond any rational way of thinking. I demand that the alien being that has taken over our dear blog comarade TRotterUSA to relinquish his evil stronghold on him. A strict diet of Ferret Pies, Yorkshire Pud, Blacksausage and HP sauce should bring back his Northernness, but I'm afraid one helping of jellied eels or pie and mash and we'll lose him forever, a time period in which he'll be undoubtedly blowing bubbles.

  25. Welcome back H you've been missed. Watch out for a spike in the export figures for Movember.

    Vale go second. Truly micky Adams is a genius on a shoestring

  26. news flash. Micky Adams to replace Owen Coyle at the Reebok. Signs a 30 year contract at 500 quid a week. In a follow up story, 8 more of the Bolton squad pledge to defect to West Ham in January.

  27. Cheers blog.

    Trott, I always thought that wasa trophy you're kissing in your profile pick.

    Please tell me it's not a novelty bubble blowing device.

    In other news Arsenal knocked the snot outta the Saints, but only managed to score six, looks like we're realy missing that Dutch bloke.

    1. yeah H, most certainly a trophy, almost a miniature claret jug, and won long before I became a Hammer!

  28. A bit serious for a moment.

    The release of the Hillsborough report had me feeling angry last week. We have been decieved, lied to, hoodwinked even, by those that were charged with our safety. A hanus cover up of gigantic proportions that went to the very top, shifting blame from those responsible and giving strength to the myth that every football fan was a yobbo or a houligan.

    The 96 that lost their lives on that black day were the victums of a crime, a tradgedy that could of and should of been avoided, it's only by the grace of God that it hadn't happened before, yet nothing was done to avoid the inevitable.

    I was an avid Arsenal supporter back in the late 70's and 80's, I went to all home games and quite a few away ones, back then football fans, because that's what we were, not all mongs, were treated like animals. We were herded in like cattle in often fenced in areas, I had quite a few hairy moments myself I can tell you, even in Highbury, were there were no fences sometimes the ground was so full if one or two people moved then you all moved, a goal or incident would often mean a crowd surge, lifting you up and moving you great distances without your feet touching the ground, at the time you just accepted it as part and parcel of being at a game, looking back it was complete madness.

    I remember tales from Spurs supporting mates who at a semi final v Wolves were almost crushed, disaster was only narrowly averted when the gates to the fencing were opened and approximately 500 Spurs fans watched the rest of the game from the touchlines. Where did this near tragedy take place you ask? Well, in the Leppings lane End in a stadium in the city of, yes, you guessed it, Sheffield. Eight fucking years the FA must have known about this potential death trap, yet they did nothing.

    On that tragic day it was Liverpool fans who lost their lives, but it could of been fans from any other club, it could of been you or I, your husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, auntie, uncle, cousin or friends that went to see a match on a Saturday afternoon but never returned, we were all put in harms way and fed lies to save careers and pensions.

    Twenty three years is far too long to be kept in the dark and I sincerly hope and pray that the loved ones of the departed can finally find some peace and put this whole ordeal behind them, yet I also want the investigations to continue and that those responsible are brought to charge, not only the officials, but their paymasters and the mediascum that help perpetuate the lies.

    Justice must be done, not only for the 96, but for all of us who ever stood on a rickety terrace, was crushed against fencing, were soaked in piss because of inadequate toilet facilities, who were herded into trains that were substandard and falling apart or was almost stampeded by ill trained mounted police under the pretense of crowd controll. We were all branded scum by those in power, we were all treated like shit and our only crime was our love of football.

    1. I agree with the gist of that H the police were dangerously out of control, jack straw probably rightly makes the connection with the miners strike, orgreave etc where the police were essentially hired thugs and perhaps controls and supervision was convenient lyrics slackened for political reasons.

      but to be fair there were a few more crimes than just love of the game . Heysel..... Recreational hooliganism was endemic . Saw it. Was nearly on the end of it. Had mates who took part in it. Decent blokes who did it because everyone else was and it gave them a bit of a thrill.

      And you're right about the conditions H but I miss them. Maybe it's just nostalgia but I liked standing up in s crowd.sitting in a plastic seat just seems wrong. If they restored standing and cut the price who knows it might even save some if these lower league clubs like the vale or my nearest club colchester which got 3000 fans last time I could be bothered with that bleak soulless stadium they've got out on the edge of town.

    2. Amen H2h!!

  29. Well H, I must say on the evidence of the first 4 games, I think you gooners must be in with a shout for the title. Defence has always been your weak link, but with 1 goal given away in 4 games and now that it seems like you've found your shooting boots as well, it is looking good. The blue half of Mancs seem to be struggling though. If they manage to stay in the mix till Jan of course, though, they will throw enough cash around to come right back into the mix.

  30. I too would like and want to see justice done but I wonder if it will be possible after 23 years to gather sufficient proof to justify court cases.

    Certainly hooliganism was rife in those days and I well remember taking a coach load of Forest supporters to AVFC and leaving to a hail of bricks through said coach windows.

    1. Hello Preach Sir,

      glad you are still out and about and keeping an eye on the goings on.

      Visit more often.

  31. Who cares about Kate's tits. It's Pipa's ass I want to see bare.

  32. I remember well the hooligan element Bloggs and it was bad, but it wasn't at every game and not all fans were yobs, the vast majority were everyday folk looking for a bit of entertainment on a Saturday afternoon, yet Maggie and all govt at the time wanted to tar us all with the same brush.

    The police were conditioned to treat all as a threat, it was scandelous that blame was layed at the doorstep of those who lost their lives so that the real culprits could carry on in their shodely done jobs.

    Nostalgia is a beutiful thing, a rose tinted look back on how everything was better way back when, when really it wasn't, it was a big pile of steaming poo. But it was the steaming pile of poo of our youth and to be honest, at the time I loved every minute of it (except the really hairy bits).

    Standing among the 100,000 at Wembley, being swirled up and down in a packed Highbury, taking a leak in the guy in front of you's pocket and hoping he didn't notice, bunking over a wall or squeezing with three people through one turnstyle click to watch your heroes for less then the entrance price, all experiences that will never be replicated in the new state of the art stadia and experiences that I wouldn't swap for the world, but it's a tragedy and a travesty that it cost the lifes of 96 for things to get better.

    All I hope is that the people who lied and those that fed and perpetuated the lie are brought to task. A public apology is a good start, but that's all it is, a start.

    On a side note, and I do realise that they "stole your opa's fiets", but if you really would like to revisit the days of the standing terrace experiece, then I'd advice a trip to see one of the teams in the Bundesliga, state of the art stadia with safe terracing and they don't mind if you have a beer in the grond and it doesn't cost the GNP of a devoloping country to get in either. They were a bit shit at the whole world war thingy, but we could sure learn a thing or two from ze germans when it comes to putting on a footy match.

  33. jacks tractor boys seem to have done me over in both H2Hs unless Fellaini and Ba can account for at least 2 goals tomorrow.

    Respect to Reading for the playing of YNWA pre-game. Good show.

    1. I'm about to lose to Smell My Cheese and Horror Tacklers unless Howard and Pienaar come up big (but Distin, Fellaini, and Santon don't).

      Oh well, how important is winning fantasy football, anyway?

      That's not a rhetorical question. Someone please put this into perspective. I have nothing else meaningful in my life.


  34. Smell My Cheese is my team. Playing the wildcard looks a good decision already!

    1. Well Noel, your cheese is quite pungent this week. Cheddar luck for me next time, I suppose. Camembert the last time I fall so far so fast. Paneer-ly a dead drop. Going completely emmental now. We weren't gouda'nough. Asiago-nna need to pick my team more carefully in the future. It was Cameron; edam-ed me to losing 5 points because I forgot to confirm my sub in exchange for Hangeland. What a munster--brie bleu it by coming on as a sub. If I had Reid, Oaxaca might have helped. Pienaar and Howard, manchego-nna have to step up big time. Queso-ra sera, I suppose. Stilton a weeks left to resurrect my season. Or bomb miserably, to be feta-listic about it.

      Right. I've spent way too much time on this post. Anyone know a good pun for Parmigiano-Reggiano?

      PS. Next week I plan to sign Watford's new Medusa-like manager, Gorgonzola.

    2. Impressive amount of punnery there, Stephen. Clearly too much time on your hands.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I wish the media would just get off AVB's back. They seem intent on hounding him out of England. First it was the whole Lloris selection drama, where they all wrote stories about mis-quotes that told us all how pissed off Lloris was, as was Deschamps, because a player was selected on form over reputation, most expensive bench warmer in history, AVB doesn't know what he's doing etc etc. Interestingly, after the win yesterday, the media all seem to think that Friedel should be playing still.

    And yesterday pre-match the pundits were critisising the team selection. Martin Keown said 'Why is Defoe starting instead of Dempsey? They just bought him and now they're not playing him. AVB doesn't seem to know his best 11'. 90 minutes later, Defoe had 2 goals and Spurs had 3 points. Maybe, just maybe, AVB does know what he's doing. That's why he's a manager, and the likes of Keown are just pundits. And shit ones at that.


    Unfortunate but that's why Fulham only offered him a 12 month contract. Looks like Martin Jol knows what he's doing - great performance by them on Saturday - Berbatov was excellent

  38. To answer your question Stephen, FFL is the only thing that matters on the weeks you win and nothing but a stupid waste of time, playing a silly game against people you dont even know, on the days you lose.

  39. Have been hard at it over the week-end and so am behind with all the chat,I would though like to say that H2H s observations brought back memories of my own.stuck between crush barrier and a few thousand surging bodies for the 1st time was pretty shocking and one soon learnt to stand on the other side this was in the days when every one was crammed in and no limits
    Then the fans at the back would purposfully cause surges in the crowd.
    As a fan of Man U and football in general (should be former as I haven't been to a match for years)I used to love the banter but that banter seemed to turn to hatred and after Hillsborough to apathy then the banter it now seems to me just from reading forums and the like that hatred is on the way back.(Hope I'm wrong)
    Maybe if fans remember Hillsborough,it will stay as banter and have respect for each other.

    1. There will always be mongs who hate and show no respect for others Del, thankfully nowadays most of them are spineless no nos, who spout their vitrol from behind the safety of their keyboards or twitter acounts.

  40. Noel, I can't stomach most of the pundits either, I used to love watching MotD, but now I mostly record it and ff through all the bolloxy bits, which also saves time because that's a good 45% of it.

    Lineker tries his best and although he's a bit of a turnip, I'd take him over the so called comedian that does MOTD2 any day of the week. My thoughts on Lawro are well documented on this very blog, Hansen just trots out the same tired tried and tested cliches and Shearer tries to do the same but doesn't seem to have the necessary IQ to pull it off.

    On Saturdays addition, Hansen, with great pain in his face, had to compliment Arsenal after their emphatic win over the Saints. Shearer then proceeded to tell us not too get carried away because it's only the fourth game of the season, which is fair enough, but then went onto say how much pressure there must be on Giroud because he's failed to hit the back of the net during this campaign......... Yes, that's right, the entire season, the one that he'd just made a point of highlighting was only in it's fourth round, Duuuuh.

    As for AvB, well he's on a hiding to nothing anyway. He's replaced 'Arry, media darling and total Diamond Geezer and he himself was also given the Spanish Archer from a club that went on to win two trophies after his departure.

    Every move he makes will be scrutinesed, at every stumble the "'Arry would of done that differently" brigade will be out in force, there numbers bolstered by the "that's what cost him his job at Chelsea" mob.

    Only time will tell if he's got what it takes, personally I think Spurs would of been better getting someone else in, not because of any lack of talent but because of the factors I stated above. Still, I wish him all the luck that his twelve, yes twelve predecessors during Arsene's reign have had.

    And just for the record that would be; Gerry Francis, Chris Hughton, Christian Gross, David Pleat (three times!), George Graham, Glenn Hoddle, Jacques Santini, Martin Jol, Clive Allen and Alex Inglethorpe (twice, no really), Juande Ramos, and of course 'Arry (come get me Engerland) Redknaap.

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