Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Taxi for Tevez

Carlos Tevez was meeting Man City officials yesterday – that’s assuming he turned up of course. Now I’ve not had my official take on this yet, so here goes:

You workshy, shiftless, arrogant, money-grabbing, mercenary cock!

That’s about that. Except to say that at a time when nurses are balloting members for strike action (they’d quite like to still have a 7 grand a year pension to fall back on when they retire, selfish little tenders of the sick and old that they are) it might be nice to see someone like Tevez lift his head out of his arse and have a little look around. Not that he doesn’t look better with his head there.

I can’t say I’m one Frank Lumplard’s biggest fans, but he’s not been throwing his rusks out of his state-of-the-art baby buggy, has he? Nah, he just goes on the pitch and scores a few goals and says ‘write me off if you dare’.

There’s a bit of me – and almost everyone else I know – that feels like Citeh brought this upon themselves. The gaucho’s arrival in England didn’t exactly smack of an earnest and loyal representative keen to do his duty by the players and fans around him. Neil Warnock’s dismissive ‘the sooner he goes home the better’ comments may have been partly influenced by the fact that Tevez’s appearances for West Ham were (a) suspect and (b) saw Warnock’s Sheffield United get relegated.

Of course, much of the trouble with Tevez appears to revolve around the fact that he is the property of a top-of-the-range 4x4, the Kia Joorabchian. Joorabhcian appears happy to hawk his client about the place as if Tevez is less a footballer and more a bit of lucky heather. Why Tevez is happy to be treated like a bit of fluff on Kia’s arm is beyond me. Except for the money, of course.

But not even a salary that would make a pinstriped City swanker blush can make up for the slight of being replaced in the Citeh starting XI by Aguero (8 goals) and Dzeko (6 goals). Any right-thinking individual might think them blokes had made a good start to the season. Not Carlos.

It’s that poster that your mind drifts back to now. I’ve no problem with thumbing your nose at United, God knows. But to hang your new beginnings on the back of such an opportunistic little scrote seemed a tad odd.

Tevez may have felt slighted by his treatment at United, but clearly Ferguson had decided the lad was either not that good, or not worth the bother and in both cases, he’s probably right.

Now of course Tevez can point to his large contribution to Man City’s success last season as proof positive of his dedication to the club. His work-rate is undeniably good. But he’s not put anything like that amount of legwork into a few other basics – in particular learning the language. Four years he’s been here, working with British managers at English clubs and still not even a ‘Good morning’ from the pillock.

All right, maybe he’s thick. Maybe his Spanish isn’t much better. But this lack of effort means he’s either (a) supremely conceited or (b) thick as pig-shit or (c) both. (Ian Rush’s inability to settle at Juve was put down to being linguistically-challenged – in his case I’d go for (b))

So what do Man City do with the reprobate? Were it left to the simple common sense of the average English football fan, it’d be simply a case of giant jiffy bag, air-mail sticker and an eight-hour flight back to Argentina. I’d be tempted to throw in the Falklands too just so long as they just keep him.

Other options include: hire him out as an extra for spaghetti Westerns;

'Are you sure you won't go on for the last 20 minutes, apache?'

chuck him on a celebrity show shouty chefs so he can cook for himself instead of complaining about the restaurants; send him on a rugby tour with England to see how crap the team environment can really be.

It’s amazingly that our footballers can still be dismissed as a bunch of ignorant numpties when they do summat a bit laddish but for our rugger buggers it’s a bit of team-bonding high-jinks, don’t you know...

In the meantime, Arsenal continue to court a lot of press attention, mainly cos they’re a bit shit at the mo. The team is so fresh-faced at present I keep picturing Wenger sat next to Gary Barlow as he says to a weeping young Carl Jenkinson ‘I’m sorry you didn’t make the final 11.’

Of course, Spurs have bitten back following Citeh’s early season demolition and ‘Arry’s got that perky look back – you know the one where he looks like a sunburnt cock bantam.

Spurs look a good bet for the top four if Redknapp can rid himself of the Europa League commitment (and given he’s sending out sides that Fagin would look upon as a little bit naive, there’s every chance).

It was still a lively Norf London derby, but the game was overshadowed by some terrace chanting that really beggars belief. Adebayor is unlikely to be flavour of the month at any of his former clubs, but hilarious quips about the lad hiding under bus seats while he and his team-mates get showered with bullets is so low I’d be tempted to find the perpetrators and put ‘em through a similar experience.

The Merseyside derby saw Jack Rodwell get sent off for the heinous crime of winning the ball fairly. Suarez’s writhing didn’t help. Neither does Dalglish’s insistence is not acknowledging that the red card was undeserved, particularly when (as far as I can understand him) he’s got a moan about the refs every bloody week.

Terrible challenge! It's an early bath for someone!

Hopefully those Man City players giving evidence this week won’t be similarly tight-lipped on their former club captain’s ridiculous strop in the Allianz arena.
Twat! I just wish me mam could get hold of Tevez. He’d be training 24 hours a day just so he didn’t have to go back home.


  1. first yet again....

  2. 2 times in a row and i read the blog too.

  3. I love the story about Tevez getting off a speeding ticket because he couldn't understand the summons.

    Another Boro 0-0 Robbo,are they taking up art with all this drawing?

  4. http://www.wsc.co.uk/content/view/7832/38/

    relevant to both Suarez and Tevez.

  5. Top blog Robbo

    Looking forwards to wengers autobigiigraphical "Une Annee dans le Merde"

  6. Yes blog, translated as Eine Jahre in dem Scheisse

  7. Oh dear I'm starting to blog to myself

  8. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I'm schizophrenic....

  9. Brilliant Robbo, fuckin' brilliant, not a mention of Bolton, keep up the good work.

  10. Excellent blog, Not a big fan of Colin, but I see where he's coming from, and Carlos should go back to Argieland, and take his fucking agent with him

  11. Bang on there Robbo. Tevez is the walking embodiment (when he can be arsed to get up that is) of everything wrong with modern footy.

    As an Everton fan there was an inevitability re suffering an unjust refereeing decision, it happens nearly every derby now. Were Gerrard to catch the ball on his own goal-line, you can bet (TW)Atkinson would have awarded Lpool a free kick.

    Modern football is shite.

    A chink of light is that Pompey landlady winning round two of her scrap with the Evil Empire...good on her!

    In another strange parallel to the football team, the rugger buggers will lose in their QF and come home with their tails between their legs. It comes to summat when a bloke as frightening looking as Martin Johnson seems incapable of instilling discipline doncha think?

  12. Good blog Robbo. Yes, media clearly pressuring Arsene & his boys...the real reason for faltering start.

    Anybody else disappointed that its iPhone 4s and not iPhone 5?
    As I watched the live broadcast, I compared with my HTC's Wildfire S and didn't find latest iPhone sellable to India's market

  13. @Robbo: "clearly Ferguson had decided the lad was either not that good, or not worth the bother and in both cases, he’s probably right"

    I said something similar in the last blog -- Fergie was right to let Tevez go.

    "thick as pig shit" -- I'm not into pigs but I thought pigs had permanent diarrhoea and pig shit was a bit watery so pigs could play around in it -- a bit like the ladies playing mud-football (I'd love to give those five ladies a good scrubbing in a nice hot-tub).
    I am not Anonymous -- I am Profile

  14. @SS: "Anybody else disappointed that its iPhone 4s and not iPhone 5?"

    Would the same internals in a new casing and branded iPhone5 have made any difference?

    The iPhone4 is the best designed phone on the market: silky smooth and very sexy, just like the thigh of a nubile dancer. Even Jonny Ive is going to be struggling to design a better looking phone. The only real moan-factor is that there isn't a 4" screen. iPhone4S is here, iPhone5 isn't -- people need to live with it.

    As for the Indian market, I don't think that Apple is too bothered at the moment with selling there as most Indians tend to use basic Nokia phones.

    Also, India is emerging as a manufacturing base and I would not be surprised to see a decent, affordable, Indian-designed and manufactured smartphone sometime soon (even if it runs Android).

    India has a lot of talent (and a massive brain drain problem as many are enticed to emigrate) but things are looking up as overseas-born Indians are going to India and starting up businesses (good article on the BBC website recently).

    Just look at what the computer and film industries did with colouring the epic Mughal-e-Azam, 75% of which was originally filmed in black & white).

    Getting back to football, I wish the sub-continent wasn't too focused on cricket and hockey: maybe it has something to do with "danda".
    I am not Anonymous -- I am Profile

  15. Morning all.

    Ever since Android got popular, sales of Nokia have fallen not only India but globally as well. I meself never considered buying a Nokia...always found it cheap and unattractive. My first was a Sony Ericsson then changed to Samsung and now I own a HTC.

    This new iPhone is really like selling a old wine in a new bottle. Apple fans must have liked it...its for them.

  16. Cricket...that WC win seems thousand years ago. After the England tour I have switched off cricket. Haven't seen a single CL T20 game but my club has reached the semis of the tournament that too without Sachin playing.

  17. Good thing the new iPhone has a feature whereby the phone can speak to their owner.

    Fucking brilliant innit, coz lets face it, most humans dont like taking to some of these obnoxious cunts.

  18. re Tevez:

    why cant FA/UEFA/FIFA ban the twat for breach of contract?

    That would be fair as it would suspend his pays and he will not be able to wrestle himself out of the contract at manCity. ?

  19. Lovely. Thieves dividing the spoils in public, before court. http://j.mp/oGLwAJ

  20. Thus blog is like a teenagers bedroom - brooding silence punctuated by short self contained spurts of activity

  21. its because of Bo, Blog.

    He's not manning his post and consequently others arent either.

    I am however over at twitter where stgp, jacks, fbh and occasionally robbo and CC provide for good company...

  22. Tevez is the pin up boy for the modern day mercanary (and Middle Earths' PlayOrc)

    Fifa have to get involved, ban or sanction him to send a message out to others.

    But as I said on the previous blog, this was an accident waiting to happen. Citeh are stock pilling and over paying a bunch of mercanarys, there are a few decent players among them, but most are just over rated. With the amount of hype and money they recieve, they ofcourse expect to play in every game, when they are not picked it's obvious that the toys are going to be flung, these guys are used to getting what they want, when they want it.

    Citeh (or any other club) shouldn't be allowed to buy whoever they want on a wim, overpay them and then send them out to rival clubs who couldn't afford their fee, let alone even match half their wages, it's ruining the game and falsifying the competition, plain and simple.

  23. Kia Jorbachain is a vile little man, innit?

  24. Are you a bit of a closet Spud Robbo?

    As 'Arry passed you an envelope?

    Althoiugh I completly agree that those chants are disgusting and have no place within the game, I find it highly hippocritical when I hear anyone involved with Tottenham condeming them.

    Are they forgetting where those chants originally came from? Have you?

    Check out a previous meeting between Spurs and Citeh and all shall be reveiled.
    Arsenal weren't very good on Sunday and once again shot themselves in the foot. But Spurs weren't much better, in fact they weren't better at all. Their first goal should never of been allowed, a blatent handball by a player already on a yellow and their second was a bit flukey (nice shot though). Kyle Walker is now the latest golden boy and is been bigged up by the meeja for an England call up. (shades of Owen Hargreeves me thinks)

    Don't get me wrong,the rag tag, injury decimated Arsenal didn't deserve to win either, but this was Spurs strongest XI, with this in mind, why do you think Spurs are a safe bet for 4th place?

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. sure the chants by arsenal fans were really shamefull but how many sports writers and english managers in this land have taken up the matter of the abuse directed at Wenger for the last 15 years?

    I am all for ticking the arseholes that chanted disgraceful stuff at adebayour be it Arsenal fans but surely one would be against all abuse or none?

  27. Well, I've been trying to add comments on here for a few days but IE wouldnt let me. Switched to Chrome today and seem to have fixed the problem (Woohoo, i fixed the internet).

  28. It's not a new thing is it?

    Disgusting chants have been going on for years;

    "Spurs are on their way to Austwich....."
    "Who's that dying on the runway....."
    "You'll Never Walk Alone....."

  29. Could have been a disastrous week for my FFL team. In drunken stupor I seem to have made 5 changes (including getting rid of rooney and sturridge for leon best and ruben rochina) and had 12 points deducted as a result. Fortunately, still managed to beat Spit by a point, which was the only saving grace in an otherwise poor performance.

    I might have to make 2 more changes this gameweek and get docked 4 pts just to fix that if aguero isnt fit to play.

  30. Seriously though, it really is a horrible thing, but it's up to the clubs themselves to crack down on that behavior.

    All clubs have CCTV right? In these days with all thec available technology it shouldn't be so hard to name and shame the offenders.

  31. AH.

    Leave the drunken changes to FFL teams to th professionals. ;p

    I'll have a quick look at mine now.

  32. And not like they need to get the courts involved, do they?

    I believe they, like publicans, have the right to ban any person deemed not complying with the house rules as damned form the premises.

    You'd be amazed at how quickly the imbeciles would learn to behave.

    But who are we kidding?

    Its been 20 years of Sky, menaing, every tom, dick and harry has had a better view of the fabulous game and the sub par refereeing that has lead to the cheating behaviour to proser than those who are entrusted to enforce the rules of the game.

    1 fucking telly, you need just 1 fucking telly for 4th official...

  33. Just checked the FFL and after a nightmare start, lost first two games, a winning run of five on the trot has rocketed me up to second in the HtoH league, just behind Adam on goal difference.

    Unlucky SS11, I just pipped you by 3, but that's what you deserve for having two LWC's in your team. ;)

  34. A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband when he burst into the kitchen.

    "Careful," he cried, "CAREFUL! Put in some more butter! Oh my goodness! You're cooking too many at once. TOO MANY! Turn them! TURN THEM NOW! We need more butter. Oh my word! WHERE are we going to get MORE BUTTER? They're going to STICK! Careful ... CAREFUL! I said be CAREFUL! You NEVER listen to me when you're cooking! Never! Turn them! Hurry up! Are you CRAZY? Have you LOST your mind? Don't forget to salt them. You know you always forget to salt them. Use the salt. USE THE SALT! THE SALT!"

    The wife stared at him in amazement, "What in the world is wrong with you? You think I don't know how to fry a couple of eggs?"

    The husband calmly replied, "I wanted to show you what it feels like when I'm driving."

  35. No problems H2H... I know my team needs to be sorted out. I am resisting taking a hit of 4 pts as well using up wild card. Well played you... Cheers!!

  36. R.I.P. Steve Jobs. iSad.

  37. The simple fact is that the reason he can't get his move out of Citeh is that any club worth it's salt knows that he is is poison in the dressing room and doesn't make up for that damage on the pitch.

    He is at best an impact substitute.... a latter day Fairclough if you will.

    Plus he is not worth the money, because where ever he has been there has always been a player that was better than him and more important to winning matches... heck even Carton Cole was better than him and more vital to West Gam's survival.... how many games it that he went without scoring? Leaving aside the issue that Robert Green is a shit goalie... he had one good season in the year Norwich got promoted... well he did alright from October to December and then after that did his best to get them in the play offs... and with a decent goalie they would never have got into the position of lauding an overweight Tevez as their saviour.

    The fact is, if Citeh hadn't be desperate... and let's not forget they were relying on a stuffed horse at one stage in the recent past... they would not have lost their marbles and decided to hire Tevez.

    Tevez is the modern day Brian Robson. For reason it is always overlooked that it wasn't until his beneign presence on the pitch was removed that United actually won the league

  38. What the hell has Bryan Robson got to to with the oversized baby that is Carlos Tevez?

  39. I appear out of lurkdom to commend this link to all Robbo fans. Vote now!


  40. Vote Robbo @ me grimpys link. I just did. Twice.

  41. Fucking hell, I'm back in the game. Not been able to post for a week or so. So much to catch up on. Firstly, nice blog Robbo. I'll ignore the part about giving the Falklands to the Argies.

    As for the North London derby. Well I didn't think we derserved to lose, and probably did enough to deserve to win. The VDV goal could have gone either way. I've seen them given, and I've seen them not given. If it had been RVP at the other end then I would have wanted the handball given. As for running to the crowd when already booked, that was stupid. Now that he's moaning about having to play on the right he may get dropped. As I've said before, he's a great player, but a luxury player. If we were more solid with Sandro once he came on, then don't start with VDV. If he doesn't like it, then we should make a profit on him when we sell him on.

    As for Tevez. What a cunt. His agent should be banned from football. He's advised his other client well too hasn't he - Mark Hughes has gone from strength to strength since he left Fulham.

    Had 2 good wins in the FFL, against Spit and someone else I don't recognise. Slowly getting my team looking how I want it, although still a bit weak in midfield. Trying to loosen up some cash by shaking up my defence.


  42. What are the odds that Rooney's dad is guilty?

  43. Quite high I'd have thought, but wouldn't want to bet on it.

  44. goes to show if you ain't broke dont fix it

  45. Noel,

    I strongly suggest you re-shuffle your team while drunk. I ended up with Rochina in my team and look how good he is. He just scored a goal while on tour in India.

  46. G'day all.

    Apart from being away from any wifi points for the past couple of days, no bastard mentioned that there was a new blog up.

    Just back from Edinburgh (beutiful city but a shit road system) and the lakes district (beautiful country but a shit road system). I doubt there is anywhere on earth more beautiful than the lakes district.

    While Jack slaves away at work today, we are going into stoke with Mrs Jack and the Jackettes. Blog, I'll give you my opinion of this great metropolis later today or tOmorrow.

    Good blog Robbo. I actually read this one through to the end. Not that you give a shit one way or the other, especially since you don't read the comments left here since coming to blogger.

    Tevez is just another spoilt, overpaid, ignorant arsehole that happens to be able to kick a ball about with a little more proficientcy than the average lad in the street. There are plenty more like him plying their trade in the PL... Adebeyor and Rooney to name two... Tevez just keeps doing stupid fucking things more regularly than the others.

  47. Glad you are having a splendid time Bo. Enjoy our country as much as you can, we have mostly forgotten how to do it ourselves.

  48. Now then, EURO 2012, its in the bags.

    Will be posting the line-up for the tournament later.

  49. It's in the bag for Spain/The Netherlands/Germany.

  50. o yee of little faith.

    I tells ya, england to win it in 5 matches where as others would need more.

  51. It's not a question of little faith,more no faith.

  52. Faith.... beleif in something that doesn't exist... I guess I can have faith in the England football team.

  53. Did rooneys dad have a few quid on that red card?

  54. Tomorrow doesn't exist. Have faith..

  55. Bo will have experienced a culinary high this morning.

    Cheese and bacon oatcakes for breakfast.

  56. That's right jacks just make me feel a little bit more homesick than I already do.

  57. Thank god ingerland is out of Rugby then, think we have had enough of that .

  58. Well Blogs they're off up 'anley next.

  59. so obviously, now the biggest issue facing england as a nation is whether to take Wayne Rooney to EURO2012 or not?

  60. I mean, you'd say he's the key player and he needs to be there whether he can only influence one game or more but I think the match fixers can mostly do their business on internet or some mobile phones so he need'nt bother.

  61. His son, he should go tho not his grand son.

    Kai's time will come one day.

  62. If you are confused, Wayne Rooney's dad is also named Wayne Rooney.

  63. Bo haha, you've travelled half way round the world to look at hanley bus station! the feckin NADIR of western civilisation...good pie shop opposite webberleys book shop tho and if you get this before you run away screaming in anguish, drop into the tontine chambers and have a pint on me. I'll owe ya.

    Has stan Matthews had his ball nicked?

  64. I had Faith once...

    She was a crap fuck so I dumped here.

  65. Vale 0-0 up against the gills.

    coincidentally I'm going down to feckin canterbury for some feckin reason to watch my but play their feckin under 11s

  66. I had her as well H full of empty promises so I went out with her sister Nymphomania instead

  67. 0-0 IS up for the vale, H, if that's what you mean?

  68. Oh watch my but ...haha ... boy even.

    Yes H porktied toxt is on

  69. Blogs,I don't know how to break this to you,but they're creating a new bus station up 'anley duck.

    Building it on the car park opposite Victoria Halls.

  70. New bus station, jacks? Let the good times roll!

    It's funny isn't it? I always thought it was the worst place on earth, hamlet bus station, like a cross between auschwitz, old trafford and fritzels concrete dungeon , but now I'm sorry its going.

    And thud is why I didn't moan when people were discussing the merits of the new feckin iPhone, I knew soonish id he airing my views on Harley bus station

  71. I didn't get to see the England game last night, but it seems like it was the same ol', same ol'.
    Cruising just before half time to a supposedly inferior team, conceeding a goal, losing a player to a rush of blood moment and then hanging on by the skin of their teeth for a draw.

    Glory, Glory!!!

    I wanted some more info, so I went to the beeb and noticed that they had a special FF
    piece on the game.

    Nice one I thought, until I clicked on the link.
    Who, in their ultimate wisdom did the beeb get to comment on the pubic replaced sending off?

    Joey fuckin Barton!!

    The ubermong, why give this clubfooted fuckstick a say?

    Was it to make Rooney look less of a cunt?

    The standards at the BBC are really slipping.

  72. Hamlet bus station or Harley bus station I've never seen.

    But the regeneration of Hanley is slowly but surely removing that horrid brutalist architecture that blights so many of Britain's city centres.

    Still,be interesting to see what Bo thinks this evening when I return to the Staffordshire Moorlands.God knows why we live in a field round the back of The Roaches,but there you go.

  73. Jacks, Hamlet bus station?

    To see or not to see.

  74. What did you think Bo?

    Did jack also tell you how pretty scunthorpe is at this time if year? Also worth a visit (snigger)

    I watched that clip, H - what I couldn't bring myself to say earlier on was what a good pundit I think Barton funk is going to make. Prof Moriarty to Linekers Sherlock Holmes on match of the day?

    I think it would work. Nothing coyld possibly be worse or more perplexingly pleased with themselves than those boring bland be-shirted no-marks (lee Dixon aside) who smugly waste space on the motd sofa at the mo

  75. Harley bus station? Born to wait?

  76. If anyone cracked a hamlet joke like that in the dungheap, H, I hope they'd be bard

  77. Who killed the most chickens in Shakespeare ?

    Macbeth did murder most fowl

  78. I was a bit worried earlier this week,I went to a thatch fire, it got a bit tasty, and afterwards everywhere I touched on my body hurt - when I prodded my leg it hurts when I prodded my arm it hurts, when I prodded my neck it hurts. Then I realised, my finger was broken

  79. I gave up on MOTD a while ago Bloggs, I sometimes have it on in the background, but then on mute. With the sound on it is just too tedious, same old tired cliches from Hanson and Lawro, with the gormless Shearer making assinine comments, then to make things worse they get some no mark (supposed) comedian to do MOTD2, not to mention that gormless dancing twat.
    Said Hamlet to Ophelia,
    "I'll do a sketch of thee.
    What kind of pencil shall I use?
    2B, or not 2B?"

  80. We're passing through debris left by the tail of q comet just now so look out tonight for the spectacular Draconid meteor shower preferably over the spectacular ugliness of hanley bus station for contrast

  81. I'm now a born again cyclist. intended to save money but consumed by cycle fetishism, so not..... just about doubled the cost if the bike with bolt on bitss and pieces

  82. I'm off to burn up in the outer atmosphere

  83. The cheese and bacon oatcakes were a palatal delight but unfortunately not one I shall be able to take back to Oz with me, since we do not have oatcakes in West Australia.

    Apart from the narrow streets and the accents, Ha nley could have been anywhere in downtown suburbia WA. And then we entered Witherspoons. Although dining in a pub in not uncommon in Australia, we do not really have anything like a Witherspoons establishment. The food was enjoyable and reasonably priced as was the bitter.

    I have not seen enough of Stoke to comment on it but an immediate impression is one of balding, slightly overwight men (which pretty much describes me) standing outside pubs smoking. Then again, my awareness of this has no doubt been heightened due to my having given up smoking some 7 days, 8 hours and 12 minutes ago.

    The mighty O's had thier second win of the season yesterday, just one week after thier first win, which means we are no longer the league one cellar dwellers.

  84. That 'field round the back of The Roaches' Jack refers to is a beautiful part of the country and a place I would happily live could I transport it back to Oz.

  85. I'm not sure what you have been eating lately Blog but your jokes have improved... I had a good chuckle over a couple of them this morning especially the one about how pretty Scunthorpe is this time of the year.

  86. Craig Levein instructs his Scotland side to aim for victory against the world champions after their 1-0 win over Liechtenstein.

    because they are exactly the same innit. Spain and Liechtenstein. Obviously.

  87. Wayne Rooney may be spared the worst over his latest England red card, according to the referee who sent him off in the 2-2 draw against Montenegro. Germany's Wolfgang Stark said: "Maybe it will help Rooney the way he acted by accepting my decision without any fuss."

    yes, Her Stark, he also may be accepted summat else without much fuss. Allegedly.

  88. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/15232130.stm

    G-Nev for next England manager
    I an not Anonymous -- I am Profile

  89. Once again the time has come to leave Jack and his family... the only consolation being we shall be returning here for one more night before leaving for Oz.

    Jack and his family have been unbelievably welcoming and obliging since we arrived. A wonderful host too, introducing me to some marvellous bitters while at the same time keeping me liberally supplied with my favourite American... Jack Daniels of course.

    Jack is as I expected him to be, a gentleman, wonderful company and great human being and I am honoured to call him a friend, though sadly a soon to be distant one.

    We are going to be paying a flying visit to south Wales today before heading further south tomorrow to Cornwall and later in the week to Somerset. This may be my last post for sometime as I am not sure of wifi connectability over the next couple of weeks.

    My apologies for the long post, shortly I have the unenviable task of waking my granddaughter and I am trying to prolong the moment for as long as possible.

  90. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has blocked Stuart Pearce's plans to draft Danny Welbeck into the England Under-21 squad.


    Oh slam. Just wait how the england press shreds Fergie to pieces. He's learnt nowt from the scathing treatment they handled the foreigner Wenger on his handling of Wilshere...

    shouldnt have dont that Fergie, shouldnt have...

  91. Thanks for that Bo.

    I'll leave the cash where I said I would.

  92. Following on from the delights of going up 'anley duck we took Bo and grand daughter to the Wedgewood factory.You can't visit The Potteries without seeing some pottery.

    We also treated them to the great English tradition of a Roast Sunday Lunch.I thought that was only fair as Bo treated us to that other great English tradition,curry on a Saturday evening.

    H2,I think the 2B from Hanley bus station goes to Eccleshall.

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