Friday, 25 March 2011


Robbo6: RIP Liz by Robbo Robson


  1. good stuff Robbo, he gets about a bit your lad Andy, is he on the run?

  2. very very funny robbo. lizard Taylor. get off me farquar . when you said "now a word from chorus" I thort you'd finally secured sponsorship from a steel conglomerate

    Where does Andy smart get his nitrus oxide from?

    That would liven F1 up, cars converted to run on NO2 and those miserable bastards the drivers made to transfer the gas to tank by mouth

  3. Very funny as always Robbo. Please get the next podcast out as soon as you can.
    Nothing like a bit of English humour, cracks me up every time.
    Thanks mate, Barry

  4. chucklesome.

    just looked up india-pak border ceremony on youtube. mental stuff.

    Robbo, any chance you could do the next podcast also on iTunes?

    it would make it downloadable and could be shared along a much wider audience who I am sure would love it. Its not much hassle and your mate chris charles should be able to guide you through.


  5. Eee, nice one :)

    I'm really starting to like Petrov. Twice now he's put Alonso in his place.

  6. Sao Paolo goalkeeperRogerio Ceni scored the 100th goal of his career - a free-kick placed in the top-right hand corner - to give the Brazilian club a 2-1 win over rivals Corinthians.

    Nice. He's scored more goals than I did as a keeper back at school.

  7. Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho says he would require a £20m salary and a transfer budget of £150m if he were to return to the Premier League.


    So Man City it is then.

  8. How do you download it as an MP3 ?

  9. Jesus wept I'm so bored and its only past midday. What the fuck can I do to make the next 5 hours pass swiftly?

    I've already watched Bent dive for that penalty and read how Capello is gonna name another captain sometime soon - who cares whos captain, it makes no difference whatsoever.

    All I'm left with is an insatiable desire to WUM anyone who crosses my path!!! Grrrrrrr!!